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Terms of Contract


Walking dogs on leads


Please note I will always walk dogs on a lead and there will never be more than 4 dogs at a time. (These must be part of the same household)

If however, you would like your dogs walked off lead this can be discussed and agreed in the contract.

Social Media

I would love to take pictures and videos of your beloved pets to keep you updated on what a fantastic time they're having with me.

If you would prefer these were not posted on my social media, website, and business pages please confirm.

Urgent Vet Care

In the unlikely event whilst your pet is in my care that there is an emergency and urgent vet treatment is needed, you will be contacted immediately and I will need your consent to seek veterinary assistance on your behalf. This may be at my own Veterinary practice if it is nearer at the time.


Emergency Contact Details

Should I not be able to contact you, please list a person who can make a decision concerning your pet and your property in your absence. This could mean a decision regarding medical treatment and possible emergency procedures. Please ensure your named person knows that you have nominated them.

It is understood that they will be authorised to make any decision or action that they consider to be suitable in order to protect and keep your pet in good health.

I confirm that I will be responsible for any costs which may be incurred, either veterinary or other as a result of any sickness, accident, or damage caused to or by the above-named pet (s) excepting third-party liability and that I will pay any such costs or expenses on the day. I also understand that no liability will attach to the pet sitter.


Property Security

All visitors to your property must sign a visitor’s log when entering i.e. workmen, cleaners.

I understand that no liability can be attached to Sasha Stanton-Smith for things as breakages, break-ins or if third-party share access to my property or pet(s).



I have released a set of keys for all front and back doors. I wish Sasha Stanton-Smith to retain a set.

Sasha will give these keys back at the end of each booking or when requested from client.


Payment agreement to Perfect Paw Sitter

Your invoice is to be paid no later than 1 day before I start, any delay in this may delay your start date.


This will be paid in the form of Bank Transfer.

You will receive an invoice that will have my bank details.



Veterinary or Groomer appointments

Please note any known vet or groomer fees will need to be paid for in advance.

Any additional fees not known beforehand will be communicated to you and once agreed to be paid will need to be reimbursed that day.


Please note mileage is included for the first 5 miles traveled, after this, there will be a charge of 10p per mile.



Weekends & Bank Holidays

Weekend & bank holidays are bookable in advance.

Bank holiday rates are charged at time and a half.



Transportation Carriers

Perfect Paw Sitters do provide crates and pet seat belts to take your pets to an appointment,

the park etc,  however, if you would prefer me to use your pet's personal one or for your pet to not travel then please advise.

I will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur on the route beyond my control.


A contract will be presented to you at our meeting, you will need to sign this before I commence any bookings.

This will all be explained at our first meeting.


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