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  • The first meeting to discuss your needs and that of your pet or pets (30 Minutes)

  • Company for your beloved pet/pet's​​

  • Feeding

  • Cleaning of the litter tray, cage or hutch

  • Grooming (only brushing and bath wash)

  • Any medication to be taken

  • Toilet breaks

  • Stay the night

  • Walking (no more than 4 dogs walked at one time)

  • Security, have peace of mind knowing I will also be checking on your home, I will also collect any post left and take bins out​​

  • I will take pictures and videos of your pets to keep you updated on how they are doing. (No pictures or videos will be posted on social media or websites without written permission) 

  • Most importantly lots and lots of love and cuddles

What's included in the price

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